A Wise Woman Once Said…

A girl after my own heart.

A very wise woman, a woman I respect greatly and loved to see depicted by Meryl Streep, once uttered the words above. I happen to agree with her whole-heartedly. I believe that if you love to eat, you know how to live with all your senses. I think a lot of people are afraid to say they love food or they love to eat. They think it sounds gluttonous, like they should be ashamed that they enjoy one of the most pleasurable parts of life.

Well, I say, “NO MORE!” We are food-lovers and we are proud to admit it. We melt for a perfectly al dente risotto. We go weak in the knees for a nice crispy piece of bacon. We might even shed a tear as we crack through the top of a crème brûlée – tears of joy, of course.

So who else is happy to admit they love to eat? What food makes your heart race? I’m very interested in checking more tastes off my list.

Until the next taste,