What Exactly is a Boniato?

Tonight is not a cooking night. I went to the ethnic grocery store and grabbed some sweet potatoes and lentils (if you can guess what I’m making before I post it, then you will win… ummmmm… my respect), but when I got home and spread out all the ingredients on our table, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Instead, I’m asking for some help. There are several items in the produce section of the ethnic grocery store that I REALLY want to try cooking with, but I have no idea where to start.

So, I’m enlisting my followers to help me figure out how to cook any of the following foods. You can leave your suggests in the Comments section below or Submit a Recipe to me directly (even if it doesn’t include one of the foods below).

Chinese Okra (I’ve never even had normal okra.)


Opol. (No idea what that is…)


Indian Bittermelon. But wait! There’s more!


Chinese Bittermelon. (I told you there was more…)


Boniato. Yep. Again, no clue.


Yucca Root. I’m hoping it tastes better than it sounds.


I’m hoping someone out there has an idea for me on how to use these things. I’m SO curious. Again, use the comments section or the Submit a Recipe page to send me a recipe that uses one of the ingredients above or for any other type of cuisine.

Until the next taste,