My Small-Appliance Arsenal

I think Todd and I have almost every cooking vessel/small appliance in the world. There are a few things we don’t have, like a stand mixer, but have you checked the price of a stand mixer lately? It’s about $200. Other than that, though, I feel like we have pretty much every small kitchen appliance known to man. Looking on/in my counters, cupboards, cabinets, and closets, this is what I see…

Microwave – duh.

Toaster – again, duh.

Toaster Oven – which Todd uses to make toasted sandwiches.

Keurig Machine – which I love soooo much.

Electric Kettle – which Todd used to use for his tea before the Keurig came along.

Crock Pot – for our mean Root Beer Pork recipe.

Griddle – for Todd’s traditional English breakfasts.

Waffle Maker – for when I get super-domestic.

Blender – for a pitcher of smoothies.

Immersion Blender or “The Wand” – for when you just want one smoothie.

Food Processor – for thicker things, like nuts or… pretty much just nuts.

Handheld Mixer – for cookies and brownies and other things my grandma taught me to make.

Panini Press – something Todd HAD to have on Black Friday.

Quesadilla Maker – yet again, Black Friday.

Deep Fat Frier – Todd’s birthday, 2010.

And then we have the cooking vessels that aren’t really appliances, but that might not necessarily be found in every kitchen.

Bamboo Steamer – best way to cook any vegetable.

Dutch Oven – no jokes. I have a purple Dutch Oven. It is sick (in a 90’s slang kind of way).

Wok – which Todd swears by for cooking most foods, especially foods not typically cooked in a wok.

Cast-Iron Skillets (2) – which Todd loves for stovetop-to-oven recipes.

Molcajete – I’ll talk about this again soon.

So, why exactly do we need all these things? So many of them have such specific uses that we don’t use them more than a few times a year. For now, a lot of them sit in our front hall closet. I wonder if they brag to each other about how often we use them. Probably not. But maybe.

Now that you know what tools I have, what do you think I should make using my artillery of cooking appliances? Please share either in the comments below or using the Submit a Recipe Page.

Also, remember to subscribe to/follow the blog and to “Like” the new Facebook page for updates on new material. Later this week, I’ll be posting about seasoning my molcajete. It should be a pretty exciting post. You’ll probably want to drop everything to read it. Just saying.

Until the next taste,