A Melting Pot Pie Halloween Party

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you’re all riding a massive sugar high and bouncing off the walls today. I thought I’d take a break from the usual format and share a little about the Halloween Party Todd and I hosted last weekend.

We decided on a “Games” theme, asking everyone to dress up as a character or object from their favorite gave. I was so happy with the effort people put into their costumes and how much fun we all had playing our Halloween-inspired games. It was our first party together, and I think it was a big success, even if it was a small group of people.

Todd went as a “Price Is Right” contestant at the showcase stage. (I can’t believe he let me take this picture…)

I went as a card (Maria) from the game “Guess Who.” Like my semi-smirk? I tried to look like the card… (That’s a LOT of bronzer on my face. I actually added some brown eye shadow to my bronzer to look more like a “Maria,” but I probably just look like I have a normal skin tone instead of my glow-in-the-dark caucasian-ness, which I usually embrace fully.)

My parents went as Scrabble. My dad on his own was a “Heap of Trouble.”

Todd’s parents went as a cricket player and a poker hand.

Todd and I had a lot of fun throwing together some tasty treats, most of which were Pinterest-inspired.

























The most exciting thing we did food-wise was making caramel from scratch for the first time. Todd was nervous, and we both hovered over the pot of sugar until we were sure we had reached the exact moment between completely melted sugar and a completely burned mess. We were shocked at how easy it was, though. Plus, the recipe was for salted caramel, which is amazing, and we got to control how salty we made it. We served it with the “Monster Bites,” and it was a big hit.

Todd and I were really looking forward to throwing our first party together, and we had a lot of fun hosting. We can’t wait to host another get-together. Maybe it will force us to keep our place clean.

Now, there is one thing that I have to ask my readers. Todd and I have two different ways of pronouncing the word “caramel.” Todd pronounces it “CARE-uh-mel,” and I pronounce it “CAR-mul.” Yes, that’s how I spell things out phonetically. I feel like this is more polarizing than politics sometimes. I’d love to see how my readers pronounce it, so please participate in the poll below.

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Until the next taste,