Gettin’ a Little Chili Outside

The weather is definitely starting to change. It’s windy, and the temperature is dropping as quickly as the leaves, or at least it is in Wisconsin. Todd and I spent part of the day Friday shopping for new winter coats and other toasty winter clothes. Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve learned that the trick to staying warm in the winter is 1) layer-upon-layer of clothing and 2) hot, hearty meals.

One of my favorite cold-weather meals is Chili. Not only is it tasty comfort food, but it’s usually pretty easy to make. There are millions of ways to make chili. There are plenty of people who have perfected a chili recipe and would defend it to the death as the best chili in the world. I have not perfected such a recipe, but I would certainly like to help search for the best one out there.

Which brings me to my point…

That’s right! It’s a Melting Pot Pie All (or Nothing) American Chili Cook-Off Recipe Contest! I’m looking for the best chili recipe my readers can muster. You (the readers) will submit your best chili recipe. Your peers (my readers and those close to them) will vote on which recipes Todd and I will try our for ourselves during the month of December. On New Year’s Eve, Todd and I will announce the winner of the “It’s a Melting Pot Pie All (or Nothing) American Chili Cook-Off” Recipe Contest. Now THAT’S an accolade you can put on your CV.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Only one submission per person. (So make it good!)
2. This must be your own original or adapted recipe, not something you pulled from the internet or a cook-book. (Honor System here, people.)
3. Please don’t use extremely expensive ingredients. I envy the person who can afford to make prime rib, caviar, and unicorn meat chili, but there is an “On a Budget!” at the end of my tagline, so I’m gonna need you to be realistic.
4. Submit your recipe using the Submit a Recipe form. Make sure you fill out all the fields so that I can give credit to you, the chef. Include a few personal details (if possible) so we can get to know a little about you.
5. Submissions Due: Saturday, November 24th.

Selection Method:

1. (As I said above) Recipes will be selected by the blogging community at large. Anyone who comes to my blog can vote.
2. Todd and I will select the prizes based on our experience making and tasting the recipe, as well as the feedback/comments submitted in response to the respective blog posts.
3. No trash-talking the other contestants. (Okay, maybe a little trash-talking, but it won’t get you ahead.)

Voting Guidelines:

1. Promote your recipe to get votes. Use Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Billboards, Carrier Pigeons… whatever you have to do.
2. Only one vote per person. (This is not Honor System. I have my ways.)
3. Voting Period: Friday, November 30th – Friday, December 7th.


Top 3 Recipes selected by the voters will be tested in our kitchen. Winners will be announced at 10:00 pm (Central Time) on New Year’s Eve!

3rd Place: A (Digital) Signed Photograph of Whitney & Todd with your Chili. That’s gotta be worth at least $80 on Ebay. $450 on Etsy.

2nd Place: Be a Guest Blogger for Melting Pot Pie! If your chili recipe’s this good, I’m sure you’ve got at least one other recipe you can share.

Grand Prize: The Title of “It’s a Melting Pot Pie All (or Nothing) American Chili Cook-Off” Recipe Contest Champion AND Be a Guest Blogger for Melting Pot Pie AND Gordon Ramsay’s “In the Heat of the Kitchen.” This cookbook will challenge you to try new things and step far outside of your comfort zone with classic and modern takes on French, Italian, and other European cuisine. You’re challenging me, so I get to challenge you to keep growing as a chef and as an individual.

What are you waiting for? Go get your chili recipe together! We can’t wait to try it!

Until the next taste,