A Diamond in the Rough

I was looking through our shelf of cookbooks last night. I usually don’t buy cookbooks, because you can find so many amazing recipes online. But now that I’m blogging, I don’t want to give you the same recipes you can already find online. I’ve been perusing (oooooo…great word) my cookbooks to find some of the recipes that I’ve requested as of late.

And whaddaya know? I found this gem:


A handful of the recipes I’ve been searching for – and some that I’ve already tried for the blog – are in this book! The only reason I haven’t looked in it yet is that it’s skinny and spiral bound, so it didn’t stand out.

Among the recipes that are in this book are Borscht, Scallops, and Baklava. Plus, there are a couple of British recipes that I’m sure Todd will appreciate.

Not all the recipes seem authentic, though. For instance, the recipe for Pots de Creme – the fancy French pudding my aunt suggested – suggests that you put chocolate chips in a bowl with “SARAN WRAP (TM)” over the top and nuke it in the microwave. I’m pretty sure my Belgian chef ancestors would turn over in their graves if they caught wind of that, so I think I’m going to have to alter the recipe a bit.


Nevertheless, I’m terrified excited to try my hand at some of these recipes. Are there any dishes that all you readers out there want me to look for – in this book or elsewhere – to try out first?

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There are exciting things ahead, people! You’re going to want to stick around.

Until the next taste,