Why Did You EAT That?

Hey readers!  It’s getting to that terrible time of my life known as finals. Now, having gone to UW-Madison before, I know how terrible exams can be. At my current school (for only 4 more weeks… Yay! Wait…What am I gonna do when I gradjuhmate?) my exams aren’t difficult. They just aren’t. What IS difficult is the crazy workload that teachers choose to substitute for an exam, thinking that it will make things easier on you to have a project or a paper instead of an exam.

I love papers. Don’t get me wrong. Here’s my problem: when I add up all of the minimum page requirements for all of my class projects and papers that are due within the next 3 weeks, it comes to a grand total of… 115 pages.

But don’t worry! I’ve got 7 of those pages done, so far. Oh, and I still have 3 tests and two PowerPoints left. So, needless to say, my posts are going to start getting a little shorter. Maybe this will force the wordiness out of me.

On that note, I have a question for you:

What is the weirdest thing you have ever tried? This can be the weirdest tasting thing, the weirdest looking thing, the weirdest sounding thing. Let me hear it!

Leave your stories in the comments section below so that I have something to look forward to when my hands become crippled by carpal tunnel and arthritis. Thanks!

Until the next taste,