About the Eater/Author

I’m Whitney Mileham. I’m a newlywed finishing up my Bachelor’s at a private college in Milwaukee, WI. I was raised on Classic American cuisine, until a certain boy came along and decided to make me help me become more cultured. He introduced me authentic British and Indian cuisine, staples from his childhood in England. (Yes, he has a little bit of an accent. I knew that was your next question.)

I feel like I’ve come a long way in the past four years, but now I’m hungry for more. (I know… that pun was awful. I promise they’ll get better.) I’m hoping the recipes I attempt will force me into the kitchen and out of my comfort food zone. I welcome any and all recipes, questions, comments, and feedback, and I can’t wait to travel the world with you.

You can reach me through the Contact page and send me recipes to try through the Submit a Recipe page.


Comments Policy:

1. Be positive and constructive. Tell me if I missed the mark, but also tell me how to fix it.

2. This is a food blog, not a political forum. Remember that.

3. The words of others, like recipes, can sometime be misinterpretted. Be clear when speaking and understanding when reading.

4. I am a Grammar Nazi. I reserve the right to delete posts that look like this:
– I love Italian food, but I’ve never been their.
– This <Food> Is .Krazy.Good. And ~Everyone~ Should *Try* It Right NOW!
– Nobody ben teach me 2 cook no food lik dis.
I’m sorry if anyone is offended by that, but if you type that way, it offends me – and several rules of the English language – and I will probably delete your comment.