Gettin’ a Little Chili Outside

The weather is definitely starting to change. It’s windy, and the temperature is dropping as quickly as the leaves, or at least it is in Wisconsin. Todd and I spent part of the… Continue reading

Fiesta de la Dia de los Muertos

In Hispanic tradition, November 1st is the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos. This is a celebration of life (despite what the name would suggest) where those who have passed… Continue reading

WANTED: Recipe Wishlist Top 10

Over the past 2 months or so, I’ve really enjoyed getting back into the kitchen. I’m more confident in my cooking abilities – possibly unrightfully so – and I’m having a lot of… Continue reading

A Melting Pot Pie Halloween Party

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you’re all riding a massive sugar high and bouncing off the walls today. I thought I’d take a break from the usual format and share a little about… Continue reading

Flexing My Mussels

I don’t eat seafood. As you read in my post “Foods I Pathologically Hate,” I’m very hesitant to try any kind of seafood. Never in my life have I ever cooked with any… Continue reading

Biku Blunder

I’ll start out this post by saying that this is a lesson in preparedness. I wanted to make something from an under-represented country: the Philippines. I came across a Filipino dish called Biku,… Continue reading

Chefherd’s Pie

I’m not dead yet! My flu has metamorphosed into a double ear infection, double eye infection, sinus infection, and upper respiratory infection. Thank goodness for high doses of amoxicillin… But that’s all I’m… Continue reading

My Life Gave Me the Flu

So much has happened in the last week or so, and as a result, I’ve worn myself out and now I have the flu. That’s not exactly a good recipe for a cooking… Continue reading

Grande Non-Fat Molcajete

This past weekend was my 23rd birthday. Todd had a great night planned for us. We were going to see Taken 2 and go to the best international tapas restaurant in the city,… Continue reading

My Small-Appliance Arsenal

I think Todd and I have almost every cooking vessel/small appliance in the world. There are a few things we don’t have, like a stand mixer, but have you checked the price of… Continue reading