Don’t Hoard Hob Nobs

This past summer, while my husband and I were on one of the many flights during the two weeks we were on honeymoon, I watched the movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” I… Continue reading

Hello, Daal-y!

Todd introduced me to Indian food almost 4 years ago by taking me to a restaurant in Madison (that’s in Wisconsin) called Maharaja. We went there probably 15-20 times during the 2 years… Continue reading

Foods I Pathologically Hate

The two most influencial women in my life hate fish. As I’ve said before, my mom has not liked fish at any¬†point in my conscious years, so much so that I don’t think… Continue reading

What Exactly is a Boniato?

Tonight is not a cooking night. I went to the ethnic grocery store and grabbed some sweet potatoes and lentils (if you can guess what I’m making before I post it, then you… Continue reading

Not Fried Green Beans (But Pretty Much)

Riding the high of my successful Red Tuna experience, I decided to continue my exploration of the cactus family, moving on to cactus pads. I’ve only had cactus once before, and it was… Continue reading

Singing a Different Tuna

When I think of tuna, I picture the generic, disc-shaped cans I wrestle to the ground with a can opener before making a lunch I probably won’t enjoy (and maybe Jessica Simpson). So… Continue reading

Face the Moussaka

I don’t like eggplant. Okay, that’s me being a bit too quick to judge. After all, I can count the number of times I’ve tried it on one hand (with a few fingers… Continue reading

A Wise Woman Once Said…

A very wise woman, a woman I respect greatly and loved to see depicted by Meryl Streep, once uttered the words above. I happen to agree with her whole-heartedly. I believe that if… Continue reading

Your Family Recipe

I’m in the market for new recipes, and lots of them. I have a stack of cookbooks on standby in case I don’t get any submissions, but I’d love it if you –… Continue reading

YOU’RE making dinner?

I know. It’s shocking. I’m kicking Todd out of the kitchen and putting my culinary skills to the test. It’s only been¬†2 years since I had a kitchen of my own to cook… Continue reading